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"We're Not the Suing Kind"

"We're Not the Suing Kind"

If the walls of our law office could talk, what would they say? They would probably tell you that almost everyone who walks through our doors want's you to know that "they aren't the suing kind."  It's uttered as an apology; a way of explaining--as if an explanation were needed--what brings them to a lawyer's office. 

Lester Tate to Serve as Judicial Qualifications Commission's Chairman


Akin & Tate partner and 48th President of the State Bar of Georgia, Lester Tate, will serve as JQC's chairman after Robert Ingram's second term, ending November 1, 2014. Formerly vice chairman of the seven-member JQC, Lester looks forward to leading the commission while continuing to represent Georgia residents in all of their legal needs. 


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