Individuals and construction or utility workers who have suffered catastrophic injuries through the use of dangerous or defective products are encouraged to contact the product liability attorneys at Akin & Tate. If you have suffered a serious injury such as a broken back, closed head injury or serious burns from a malfunctioning bucket truck, lift device or other product failure, there may be legal remedies of which you are not aware.

Akin & Tate has been instrumental in securing compensation for people in the utilities industry, and other businesses, who have been seriously injured as a result of accidents involving tools including:

  • construction equipment
  • manufacturing equipment
  • industrial equipment
  • ladders
  • scaffolding
  • power tools
  • transformers
  • bucket trucks

Early settlement or inadequate settlement can be avoided by working with our experienced personal injury trial attorneys. The product liability attorneys at Akin & Tate take the time to help clients determine actual losses such as future medical expenses.

Our lawyers have an extensive network of expert witnesses, who provide key testimony that enforce the argument for proper compensation for those injured as a result of auto defects, defective products or product failures.