It is critical that victims of a trucking accident contact an experienced semi truck wreck lawyer immediately. The trucking accident lawyers of Akin & Tate represent people who have been injured.

Once Akin & Tate attorneys are brought on board, we begin a thorough investigation into all causes, injuries, and sources of compensation associated with a truck accident. Truck crashes involving cars typically result in more serious injuries for drivers of the automobiles because of the difference in weight of a car and truck.

Akin & Tate is well prepared to assist in obtaining compensation for people who have suffered brain, neck, back and spinal cord injuries leading to paralysis, paraplegia, quadriplegia or loss of a loved one.

Early intervention by a knowledgeable semi truck wreck attorney is a key to maximum recovery of compensation. For example, the law requires that a driver's log be available for inspection for a limited period of time after a truck accident. Examination of the driver's log may reveal the cause of the accident to be lack of sleep, overdriving, or other forms of negligence by the truck driver. Knowing the cause of the accident goes a long way toward achieving a proper settlement or verdict.