Georgia workers, who have been injured on the job, confidently turn to the law firm of Akin & Tate for results in claims for workers' compensation - also called workers' comp. Our lawyers have years of experience protecting workers' rights.

Our extensive knowledge of workplace injuries includes herniated discs, back injuries, neck injuries, closed head injuries, electrocution, carpal tunnel syndrome and construction accidents. Akin & Tate guides injured workers through the process of applying for benefits, documenting negotiating retroactive lump sum settlements, and speaking on claimants' behalf at appeals hearings.

The workers' comp lawyers at Akin & Tate go beyond the simple administrative aspects of helping injured workers make routine, satisfactory claims. We attempt to intercede with doctors to secure their agreement to wait for payment for services until settlements are reached and paid out.

In this way, clients are able to concentrate on getting well, receiving appropriate treatment and therapy, and learning to cope with their reduced capacity to work. The firm is committed to ensuring that clients' needs are met as fully as possible before settling a workers' compensation claim.