Georgians who have lost husbands, wives, children, parents or other family members for any reason - including fatal car accidents, workplace injuries or due to defective products - have the sincere sympathy of the lawyers of Akin & Tate. 

We consider it our duty as lawyers to use our skills to seek fair compensation for family members who have lost a loved one. In particular, we aggressively represent the interests of children whose financial losses will extend far into the future unless they are properly compensated. Aside from the grievous emotional toll of losing a parent or guardian, children often face tremendous hardship when their financial provider is gone. For example, college may no longer be an option unless they receive compensation for their loss.

We do not consider our job done until insurers agree to compensate our clients who have lost family members in tragically fatal accidents. Our overriding goal for such clients is to ensure that money is there when they need it.

While money can never replace a beloved member of the family, it can relieve a great deal of stress for survivors and allow them to find the way to a new - though different - future. We also provide our clients, who do receive financial restitution as part of a verdict or settlement, with information on ensuring that the money will last a lifetime as intended.