Car Accidents

Auto accident victims share a common misunderstanding about recovering compensation. They tend to believe that their insurance company will pay them once they submit a claim form - that's not always the case.

Obtaining proper compensation from the outcome of an auto accident in Georgia is much more complicated. For one thing, every insurance company’s goal is to pay the accident victim as little as possible.

The experienced auto injury lawyers at Akin & Tate have helped countless people affected by serious accidents throughout Georgia. Often, these accidents involve cars and trucks. However, our attorneys also represent victims affected by a wide variety of motor vehicle accidents, including motorcycles, semis, commercial vehicles, city buses, and mass transit vehicles.

Akin & Tate’s team of attorneys understand the pain and suffering faced by motor vehicle accident victims and surviving family members. Our attorneys have extensive experience aggressively representing individuals suffering an injury due to an auto accident. 

Our personal injury lawyers specialize in motor vehicle accidents involving back, neck, brain, and spinal cord injuries. Other conditions associated with car accidents can include closed head injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and catastrophic spinal cord injury that often causes paralysis, paraplegia, or quadriplegia.

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