If you or a loved one has sustained an injury due to the carelessness of another person, you may be able to recover compensation for the damages you have incurred. Personal injury law, also known as “tort” law, allows a person to file a civil lawsuit in court when a dispute arises due to someone being harmed in an accident or in a specific event that another person may be legally responsible for causing. The term personal injury relates to an injury to the body, mind, or emotions, as opposed to damage to property.

The purpose of the personal injury system is to assist an injured person in being compensated financially to become whole and fully recovered after suffering harm from someone else’s negligent or intentional conduct. Akin & Tate will represent you in a civil court proceeding that seeks to find the parties involved legally at fault through a court judgment, or more often, the dispute will be settled before any lawsuit action is required.

Some examples of personal injury claims are:

Let us help you answer the question: “Was the defendant liable for the accident?”

Before you are entitled to damages, you have the burden of proving that the defendant is legally liable for the damages you describe. This question can be challenging to answer without the help of experienced personal injury lawyers. Our team of lawyers has extensive experience determining whether you should pursue a case.

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We will review the details of your case with you, consider the evidence, and help determine whether liability can be established on the defendant’s part.

You may be entitled to financial recovery for the following:

How much is your case worth?

There are many factors to consider when calculating damages to determine what may be possible to recover through compensation claims. Some key factors include:

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The insurance companies have teams of professional adjusters working against you immediately after your accident. They are assigned to your case to ensure the payouts are as low as possible and just enough to avoid a lawsuit. They have the incentive to convince you to accept the lowest settlement possible. Settlements are often accepted by victims, unaware that additional options are available.

That’s why you must contact us as soon as possible. We know how insurance companies work and how to negotiate the best possible settlement for your case. This is accomplished by working with the legal team at Akin & Tate. We will work with you to ensure you have the strongest case based on the evidence and facts. It is critical to know what to do immediately after your accident, and it is equally important to know what not to do so that your case is not ruined before it starts.

Remember to retain all your records regarding property damage estimates or repair costs, medical bills, and records, employment documents that show average earnings, and the time lost due to the accident. Any evidence from doctors and medical personnel involved in the incident should be retained and provided to us for review. Akin & Tate’s team of professionals knows personal injury law and how to pursue the maximum compensation you deserve aggressively – let us help you.

Popular wisdom says that a dog’s bark is often worse than its bite. Except when it’s not. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, more than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year in the United States, and more than 800,000 of those people are forced to seek medical attention. But just because something is common, doesn’t mean it’s justified. If you or a loved one has suffered a dog bite, here’s what you need to know before contacting Akin & Tate, the best personal injury attorney near you, for help today.  

Why do dogs bite?

Dogs can bite for many reasons, but most often, they are reactionary. If a dog is in a stressful situation, it could bite to defend itself or its territory. It is also possible that the dog might be feeling unwell. They may be sick due to injury or illness and might want to be left alone. While these may seem like obvious aggressive warning signs, dogs also might nip and bite during play. Even though the animal may be having fun, playtime can be dangerous for people. It’s usually a good idea to avoid playing too rough with a dog, especially someone else’s, as these types of activities can make your four-legged playmate overly excited and may lead to a nip or a bite.

Who is most at risk? 

Unfortunately, children are the most common victims of dog bites and can be severely injured because of one. Keep a close eye on kids while they play with or around dogs as it’s not uncommon for them to accidentally be rough with animals without understanding the implications of their actions. 

Because many animals react to sudden stimulation and loud noise, teach your children to avoid eye contact and fast movement around an especially aggressive or defensive dog. While the dog may just move on if you’re motionless, if you’re knocked down by the animal, experts recommend curling into a ball and using your hands to protect your ears and neck to avoid maximum injury. 

What should I do if I’m bitten?

Getting medical treatment as soon as possible after your dog bite is crucial to making sure you properly heal. Otherwise, your injuries could worsen, creating additional problems. 

Documentation is also crucially important to protect yourself after the fact. Regardless of the severity of your injuries, make sure you take pictures of your wounds and the scene to prove the extent of the injuries. Calling the police can also be important, as it creates a record of the incident. The police will generate a report, and while they may not assign blame to the dog’s owner, they will take statements from you and any witnesses, which can help during an eventual dog bite lawsuit or claim.

Taking these steps will help a Georgia injury lawyer get you the dog bite compensation you deserve to make a full recovery. When you’re injured by a dog, you want to get better as soon as possible, and you shouldn’t have to pay for any of your recovery expenses, including lost wages, emotional distress, and medical bills, not to mention pain and suffering.

Take steps to protect yourself. Don’t let the insurance companies intimidate you into a lower settlement. Get an experienced Atlanta dog bite attorney near you to defend your innocence. Contact Akin & Tate for an immediate consultation. 


Personal injuries can happen any time of year; however, certain accidents become significantly more common in the summer months. As the weather heats up and people ditch their (probably light) coats for their (definitely heavy) boats, it’s important to remember how to keep you and your family safe. With that in mind, we’ve assembled some summer injuries for you to look out for this season.

Fire-related Injuries 

Summer and fire are as natural a pair as…well…summer and water, but we’ll get to that soon enough. In the meantime, barbeque artists, beware: Grill-related injuries occur most often during May, June, July, and August, according to the National Fire Protection Association. These can be a fault of the person behind the grill or even the grill itself if it’s a defective product. The same can be said of fireworks, which injure about 15,000 people a year, according to the Consumer Public Safety Commission. Generally most of the fireworks used are legal, but especially if they aren’t, whomever is responsible for your injuries could be held legally and financially liable.

Water-Related Injuries

No one loves their pools like we do in the South. But in addition to all the fun and relaxation that water provides comes the risk of accidental drowning, slip and fall injuries, boating accidents, and more. According to the U.S. Consumer Safety Administration, around 400 deaths per year are due to drowning in a pool or spa. Because half of all drowning deaths in young children happen in private residences, homeowners must be extremely careful to secure their pool area, preventing these senseless deaths as well as any trespassers who may abuse your property or become injured on it. 

Properly securing and maintaining a property can also do wonders to avert any nasty poolside falls. While such accidents may seem blameless, many injuries like these can be a result of legally provable negligence. 

Boats are another area that can prove problematic this time of year. Many boating accidents occur because the driver may be distracted, underage, or intoxicated, resulting in crashes into other boats or even other people. Like with pools, proper maintenance, safety equipment, and adherence to the rules of the water will help avoid any such accidents. 

Car Accidents

Everyone knows that a car can easily turn into an oven if it’s parked in the sun long enough, but that’s not the only reason to be cautious in your vehicle this time of year. Road work generally increases in the summer months, underneath tires that are deteriorating faster in the heat. Both can lead to unexpected accidents. Perhaps most inconveniently, traffic is also usually heavier. With the general inclination to head outside in the warmer weather, not to mention college and high school kids alike out of school and on the roads, there’s a higher risk of collisions, regardless of your age. Drunk driving accidents can also increase during the summer months, especially around the fourth of July. Take it from us: don’t let your guard down – Buckle up, be safe, and drive defensively.

But what if it happens to me?

The only thing you want more than a good tan is a safe summer. But unfortunately, accidents happen. And while most of them are innocent, they’re not all so black and white. If you get hurt because of someone else’s negligence or are accused and need protection, contact the personal injury attorneys at Akin & Tate Law for a free case evaluation today. 

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