Marc Wilson’s Lead Attorney Speaks About Fighting Injustice in South Georgia


More than two years after his initial arrest, William Marcus “Marc” Wilson’s fate hangs in the balance. Loss of life is always tragic. But another tragedy was narrowly avoided in Wilson’s acquittal of all the charges initially levied against him.

I was grateful for a former state president of the bar Lester Tate who decided to represent me and appeal to the court of appeals, which unanimously overturned Judge Muldrew’s actions and said that the only person that was wrong in that courtroom that day was Judge Muldrew.

Francys Johhnson
Former State President
Georgia NAACP
Marc Wilson’s Lead Attorney Speaks About Fighting Injustice In South Georgia
Source: GoFundMe / Francys Johnson

Charged in the killing of a white teen who was a passenger in a truck that reportedly targeted and harassed Wilson on a dark rural road, the young man maintained his need to defend himself and his girlfriend at the time. While Wilson was convicted of involuntary manslaughter after a last-minute charge submitted by the prosecution, his legal team remains committed to getting their client the most just outcome possible.

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Author: Anoa Changa, Posted September 20, 2022

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